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Clerk''s role localization.
Issues the time:2008/3/15 16:47:57   Reading:8890 times
      As enterprise's sales window, the clerk is the enterprise and the customer link, on the one hand to customer development enterprise's product, service, image, on the other hand to enterprise feedback customer request, to product opinion, market trend.

      The angle divides the work which from the enterprise, the clerk is the enterprise product invests the market, the realization profit specifically being responsible for, simultaneously also is the enterprise marketing strategy revision, the product development pusher.In order to act above role, divides the work in the enterprise is competent the labour of duty, the clerk must have various aspects quality:

      1. images, measuring appliance, manner behavior appropriate natural nature.

      2. service aspects of knowledge are broad, must be familiar with the product performance, the use, the effect, initiative.With the customer establishment friendly relations, has the foreknowledge, the strain, solution ability to the market sudden change.

      3. pair of products must have the essential theory knowledge, to this enterprise product characteristic, the selling point must be extremely clear.To the product quality question, the improvement measure and so on must understand thoroughly and can to the customer explanation.

      4. To colleague's product quality, the price, the inventory originate must be familiar, can in the customer propose comparisons and so on when price, source of goods, quality replies freely, enhances oneself product the merit, facilitates the customer to choose own product.

      5. pair of markets dynamic pay attention closely.The prompt understanding grasping profession information, the region market sales fluctuation and so on the change, feeds back the opinion promptly, provides the sales information basis for the enterprise, thus meets the market development need, causes the enterprise product to become the profession to buy the spot most greatly.

      6. pair of enterprise service operation, the flow, the superior inferiority understanding are clear, can by the peak efficiency service customer.When discussion service how cargo can judge accurately may in the long time for, the model give the customer, the product classification and the customer material is accurate, completes follows up to plan the realization.

      The business goal is the profit.Clerk's role localization is the sale, the outstanding clerk can create the benefit most basic ability for the enterprise is the sale and the quality.
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