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Establishes the market marketing goal.
Issues the time:2008/3/15 16:50:36   Reading:8596 times
Establishes the market marketing goal

1), the goal is satisfies the customer to need to achieve the goal profit, must establish an effective market marketing combination.Regarding the combination basic essential factor is own product, the quality, the price, the place, the competitor.Simultaneously is better drove the customer desire, believes firmly the colleague knows regarding this are not many, not too understands latent in the consumer, achieved seizes the market share taking the initiative, also must give dual attention to the long-range objective (setting up brand) (profit) also to have to conform to the reality with the short-term goal.The goal is more explicit (may measure), more feasible, is more advantageous to the marketing combination plan implementation.

2), formulates the market palace to sell the plan:

The marketing plan must be clear about clearly, in order to obtain various mesh points personnel and other unit's close coordination, its content includes: A, does the product - inventory channel, how need meet the customer.B, market - mesh point, quantity distribution, market value, market competition degree, market opportunity.C, how do the strategy - develop the market, own superiority and do the inferiority, how defeat the competitor and the competition product.D, how do the tactic - fix a price, how sells.Resource distributions, management and so on E, manpower, financial, material resources.F, advertisement strategy.
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