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The enterprise first must be established “humanist” human resources strategy.
Issues the time:2008/3/15 16:53:01   Reading:8504 times
The ancient said “the talented person results in the world”.The market economy intense also is the competition for talent time.The enterprise must develop the profit, how human resources strategy plan needs to formulate, can find the new pathway in the competition, is relates the enterprise to develop the core competitive ability resources effect.The enterprise only then the accommodation current situation, as circumstances permit adopts the human resources strategy which is accommodating nimbly, can take during the personnel market competition subdues wonderfully; In the management science, the resources are in order to create the material wealth to invest the management strategy the main essential factor, but the human resources are in the modern management enterprise first resources.Therefore, the enterprise develops first must establish “humanist” the human resources plan implementation strategy.Also will be satisfies the human capital achievement the enterprise to develop in the future various stages dynamic construction to adapt, not only it will be an item will involve the management “the human” the function work, simultaneously will also be manifests to the human resources nature and the quantity management.

“Nature” the management mainly is refers uses the fine refinement management the thought, using the achievements management technology method to staff's thought, the psychological quality and the behavior pattern carries on the effective restraint management, including to individual and the organization community's thought, psychological and the behavior coordination, the control and the management, displays human's subjective initiative fully, achieved the goal coordination the development, can play the catalyst role for enterprise's management system; “Quantity” how is the management enhances the achievements according to the staff work process in the manpower and the physical resource disposition, through arranges for the staff to be able to manifest the self-value the post, the security and the stable working conditions, the knowledge, the skill training opportunity, the ideological education and the system realization, maximum limit displays own potential, manifests the individual value, realizes the humanist full scale development.Drives the staff through the system of examining and assessment method, displays on a their post the initiative and the creativity.
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